Building an Inclusive Community


Less than 2% of the VC fundings were received by women in 2017 despite growing body of evidence that Women entrepreneurs are just as, if not more, capable than their male counterparts. We would like to address this opportunity gap and help ensure gender equality as we believe modern women have much to offer and contribute to the society.


Farmers toil not just against weather and earth but also against layers of middle-men that eats into their harvests. We would like to help modernize farming and ensure that farmers extract the maximum benefits from their labour.

Unsung Heroes

We always love an underdog story – Leicester City winning the Premier League or David beating Goliath. That uncle who, rain or shine, never fails to turn up with his nasi goreng cart. We would like to help all these unsung heroes.


We want to be the team supporting every entrepreneurs’ business and financial goals.


To build an inclusive community that empowers lives and increases social mobility through better capital utilization and distribution.


At Penny, we want to partner national geniuses on their journey towards transforming into global champions.

Open Your Heart

Some work for fame and money while others work for passion. And then there are those who work to make lives of their family, friends and others a little better.

They are the ones who know to change the world or do big social good, they have to start with the person right next to them. They are the ones who know to build anything worthwhile, big or small, it requires great sacrifice, pain and most importantly, a strong heart.

Because when everything falls apart, the sky collapses and the world left with nothing, they are the ones who will be standing beside us, and they are the ones we would be proud to stand beside with.

While you may not see much of them, we see superstars, because in the darkest night, they are the ones who brighten up our skies and made us look up once again with hope and dreams.

Our Team

Do you want to make a difference and build a better tomorrow?

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